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Migraine at Christmas

Histamine accumulation in the body due to excessive food and alcohol consumption causes gastrointestinal disorders, headaches and migraine. The International Society of DAO Deficiency recommends moderating the intake of food, especially those rich in histamine such as cured meat,...

The future is prevention through nutrition

Interview to Adriana Duelo, nutritionist and expert in DAO deficiency Interview to Adriana Duelo, Nutritionist and expert in DAO Deficiency, by Gemma Busquets of El Punt Avui newspaper   Is it a “myth” that chocolate causes migraine? We are always being told about a list of...

DAO deficiency, a syndrome that can explain the origin of many of the most common digestive and neurological manifestations

Migraine and different digestive disorders, according to several clinical studies, are symptoms caused by this enzymatic deficiency in the bowel, which affects 20% of the population Europapress 27th March, 2014 – Experts in neurology and gastroenterology have presented the...

Migraine is more prevalent and disabling when suffering from allergic rhinitis

  There are increasing number of new studies in the world linking histamine with migraine, which support and reinforce our research and development projects regarding DAO Deficiency and migraine; as this enzymatic deficiency is one of the main factors causing histamine...

Histamine as a pain modulator

Source: Journal of Neuroinmmunology -November 2013.   A few days ago, the ‘Journal of Neuroinmunology’ published an interesting article titled “A focus on mast cells and pain” written by Dr Anne Héron, of the University of Paris, highlighting histamine role in pain regulation and...

DAO crystal

    It is normal to find a great amount of crystals.  Minerals, salt, sugar, ice cream, chocolate and even cosmetics or wall paint are formed by crystals. A glass is a structure on which atoms are placed in an organized manner. For example, common salt, comprised of...

A randomized doubled blinded trial of treatment whit DAO in patients with migraine and déficit of enzyme`s activity

A randomized doubled blinded trial of treatment whit DiAmineOxidase (DAO) in patients with migraine and déficit of enzyme`s activity. 2013 – XXI World Congress of Neurology. Viena/Austria J.Izquierdo. D. Mon, M. Lorente, L. Soler Singla. Hospital General de Catalunya,...

International Day against Migraine in COFV

Conference in the College of Pharmacists of Valencia Valencia, September 13, 2013 – . On the occasion of the celebration of International Day Against Migraine, the College of Pharmacists of Valencia organized a conference for pharmacists regarding the results of the study...

Dietary treatment and blood DAO values in patients afected vomiting and other gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms.

Dietary treatment and blood diamineoxidase (DAO) values in patients afected vomiting and other gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms. 2013 – Congress of the European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN) Leipzig / Germany. Tormo R, Cárdenas G, Segurola...

Neurologists claim to be one of the priorities of the next legislative period

BARCELONA, (EUROPA PRESS) The Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) has warned in an report presented in the 63rd Annual Meeting of the society, that only three parties –PSOE, CiU and UPyD– make explicit reference to neurological diseases despite they represent the 50% of the causes...