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Histamine and Migraine, a close but unknown relationship

Histamine, a molecule present in all living creatures and in food, is a vital substance for the body. It is present in all food products but in different proportions. Thus, histamine is necessary for life. However, histamine can accumulate excessively and have negative effects. ...

A pioneer study shows the deficiency of the DAO enzyme as a possible catalyst of the Migraine

• The study shows that 95% of the migraine patients have reduced or very reduced DAO enzyme activity, which provokes an excess of histamine, increasing the risk of having a migraine • The investigation is an important discovery for the future preventive treatment of the migraine,...

Seminar about Food-induced Histaminosis: Migraine and other consequences

Dr. Félix López Elorza is a biochemist with a long career in diet disorder patient care, advisor of the Labsur Laboratories and president and founder of the Andalusian Society for Food Disorders Study (SAEIA). He has been the president of the European Histamine Society. He is now...