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Migraine at Christmas

Histamine accumulation in the body due to excessive food and alcohol consumption causes gastrointestinal disorders, headaches and migraine. The International Society of DAO Deficiency recommends moderating the intake of food, especially those rich in histamine such as cured meat,...

Migrasin, a functional food

    Histamine [2-(4-imidazolil)-etilamina] is an important mediator of many biological processes including inflammation, gastric acid secretion, neuromodulation and regulation of the immune function. Due to its powerful pharmacological activity, even in low...

DAO crystal

    It is normal to find a great amount of crystals.  Minerals, salt, sugar, ice cream, chocolate and even cosmetics or wall paint are formed by crystals. A glass is a structure on which atoms are placed in an organized manner. For example, common salt, comprised of...

Certified Medical Web

On Internet, the content of many health websites are of questionable credibility and therefore, the health sector has a difficult coexistence with online Information. For this reason, we are particularly pleased that a distinguished institution as the College of Physicians of...

MIGRADAO 2 – A new clinical research study

Volunteers are needed for the new study Join in and participe! DR HEALTHCARE promotes a new clinical research project. On this occasion, the main objective of the study is to determine the efficacy of enzyme supplementation diamineoxidase (DAO) in reducing the number of episodes...

DAO deficiency as a migraine trigger

Migraine is a complex, recurrent and disabling disease. The most common and characteristic clinical symptom of this type of headache is often unilateral throbbing associated with photo and phonophobia, nausea and vomiting. For decades numerous clinical, histochemical, molecular...

Test DAO for migraine

A new test to discover if the cause of migraine is a DAO Deficiency. Migratest analyzes the level of enzyme activity diaminooxidasa, responsible for metabolizing histamine. Migratest is a novel clinical diagnostic test for migraine, which allows you to discover whether the cause...

DR Healthcare negotiates with Labco to expand its diagnostics of migraine.

Markets French, Italian and Belgian. Source: Cinco Días, Noemi Navas Madrid 25/10/2010.- The Spanish DR Healthcare negotiates with Labco, the largest network of diagnostic laboratories in Europe, the entry of diagnostic tests for the migraine in the Italian, Belgian French...

Histamine and Migraine, a close but unknown relationship

Histamine, a molecule present in all living creatures and in food, is a vital substance for the body. It is present in all food products but in different proportions. Thus, histamine is necessary for life. However, histamine can accumulate excessively and have negative effects. ...

A pioneer study shows the deficiency of the DAO enzyme as a possible catalyst of the Migraine

• The study shows that 95% of the migraine patients have reduced or very reduced DAO enzyme activity, which provokes an excess of histamine, increasing the risk of having a migraine • The investigation is an important discovery for the future preventive treatment of the migraine,...