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On Internet, the content of many health websites are of questionable credibility and therefore, the health sector has a difficult coexistence with online Information. For this reason, we are particularly pleased that a distinguished institution as the College of Physicians of...

MIGRADAO 2 – A new clinical research study

Volunteers are needed for the new study Join in and participe! DR HEALTHCARE promotes a new clinical research project. On this occasion, the main objective of the study is to determine the efficacy of enzyme supplementation diamineoxidase (DAO) in reducing the number of episodes...

DR Healthcare negotiates with Labco to expand its diagnostics of migraine.

Markets French, Italian and Belgian. Source: Cinco Días, Noemi Navas Madrid 25/10/2010.- The Spanish DR Healthcare negotiates with Labco, the largest network of diagnostic laboratories in Europe, the entry of diagnostic tests for the migraine in the Italian, Belgian French...

The luxury of breathing, chewing and swallowing properly

“Our present world” –reflects Dr José Durán von Arx, Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Barcelona–“is full of contrasts and contradictions that lead us towards progress on the one hand while, on the other, bringing about the worst part of human evolution: the loss of...

Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches

By Fox News. Talk about gender bias Three out of four of the nearly 30 million Americans who suffer from migraines are women. The reason may have to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle, but triggers can also include alcohol, weather changes, stress, food and lack of sleep, said Dr....

Treatment of migraine attacks by compression of temporal superficial arteries using a device

Carlo Cianchetti, Maria Elisabetta Cianchetti, Tiziana Pisano, Yousef Hmaidan Med Sci Monit 2009; 15(4): CR 185 – 188 Manuscript ID: 869619 Article type: Original article  Journal Medical Science Monitor de New York Background: We recently reported that prolonged...

Feliu Titus: "We need to get back to the non-pharmacologic measures for migraines"

Migraines and headaches have a big impact in people’s quality of life and it is therefore common for the affected persons to use any medication at their reach. However, this abusive consumption of medicaments has generated a chronification of the illness. Dr. Feliu Titus,...